Tech Writers Without Borders is a global community of technical communication professionals dedicated to making a difference in the world. We help charities, humanitarian organisations and other non-profits by improving the quality of the documentation and educational resources they use to train and support their staff and volunteers.

For Non-profits

Our volunteer teams have a wide range of skills in writing, editing, instructional design, usability, content strategy and information delivery. If you work with a non-profit organisation that could benefit from improved training and support materials for your volunteers and staff, click here for more information.

For Technical Communicators

Participating in one of our agile project teams will give you access to a wide range of experiential learning opportunities and the chance to apply best practices in information development, instructional design, content strategy and documentation management. If you are a interested in volunteering your skills and experience and/or participating in one of our non-profit projects, click here for more information.

Tech Writers Without Borders has no affiliation with the organisation Médecins Sans Frontières, Doctors Without Borders or MSF, which are registered trademarks of Médecins Sans Frontières International.